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House of Kava!

Workers are being taken advantage of right under our noses in Brooklyn. The workers at House of Kava, after enduring months of predatory labor practices, formed a union with the intention of negotiating with the owner of House of Kava. Just hours after the union requested a meeting with management, the owner responded by firing one of the the organizers. The next day, two workers went to the bar to again request a meeting, and yet again a worker was fired, prompting the union to strike. Boycott House of Kava and spread the word about this injustice!

What can workers do? Unionize!

What's Going On At House of Kava?

After months of predatory labor practices, 5 out of 6 employees at House of Kava decided to unionize as the United Kava Workers Local 138, intending to negotiate with the bar's management. After formally outlining their concerns and demands and presenting it to management, two union workers were fired simply for organizing and speaking up. The union then went on strike, and the rest of the UKWL138 workers were terminated. In support of the union members, a majority of the kava bar’s long-term patrons and the surrounding community began to boycott and picket the establishment.

Our Demands

  • • End to minimum wage violations
  • • End to stolen wages
  • • End to harassment and abuse of employees
  • • Reinstatement of employees fired for organizing

How You Can Help

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